Treat Puzzle Ball


  • This puzzle ball dispenses treats or kibbles at a slow pace.
  • Promotes slow feeding which can prevent choking, vomiting, food bloat, obesity, and gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Playing with this ball can give your pal vital physical and mental enrichment.
  • This treat ball doubles as a toy that can reduce boredom and anxiety.
  • Helps clean your pal’s teeth and gums as he chews on the grooved other surface.

Add some fun to mealtime or treat time while letting your best friend satisfy his urge to chew with SunGrow Teething Treat Ball Dog Slow Feeder. This easy-to-fill puzzle treat ball is a paw-fect way to get your overenthusiastic eater to slow down during mealtime, which can improve his digestive health and prevent issues like choking, vomiting, food bloat, obesity—and general gastrointestinal distress. Made of sturdy plastic, this grooved ball helps clean your pal’s teeth as he chews while encouraging healthy mental and physical stimulation. This treat ball doubles as a toy, decreasing boredom and anxiety when your pal swats it around—or when the two of you can play a game of bond-building fetch. This treat ball is not suitable for dogs with aggressive chewing styles.

2.8" Round.