Tough Hemp Rattlesnake


Tough Hemp Rattlesnake Pet Toy is designed for dogs, cats, and animals that love to chew!

Designed with 100% hemp, a squeaker in the head, and a crinkly tail, your pets will really enjoy this toy! Hemp is the toughest natural textile fabric on the planet with benefits including resistance to mold, fighting bacteria growth, and the spread of bacteria!

The thick hemp rope on the body of the Tough Hemp Rattlesnake helps clean your pet’s teeth and messages their gums to improve their dental health. The hemp is also safe if your pet accidentally ingests it. 


FUN: Squeaker inside and a Crinkly tail Mentally and physically stimulates your pets when they play Large hemp body of rope to chew on Tough hemp rope for chewing, playing & fetching activities SAFETY: Made with non-toxic material and tough hemp to ensure safe play for your dog CLEANING: The coarseness of the hemp helps clean your dog teeth