CHEESIES Himalayan Yak Cheese



Highly nutritious milk sourced from the cleanest and higher elevations; higher % of yak to cow milk; longer curing time; less moisture, more cheese; more dense and long-lasting!

ORIGINAL:  The original and genuine Himalayan yak & cow milk hard cheese chew from Nepal

NATURAL:  4 natural ingredients:  yak and cow milk, salt, lime juice.  No preservatives, additives, gluten-free, grain-free, and even lactose-free (removed during curing process).  Easy on the tummy and to digest.

HEALTHY:  lots of calcium, protein, good for muscles and bones.  Chewing promotes dental health, reduces plaque and bad breath.

LONG-LASTING: good for aggressive chewers to keep them busy and happy for hours

TREAT:  it tastes yummy

LOCAL:  we support local farmers, use handmade Nepalese lokta paper for our tags, and package in locally made cotton bags to maintain freshness  of the Cheesies chews

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